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McDavid Painijan polvisuoja (410R)

Saatavuus: Varastossa

Normaali hinta: 45,37 €

Erikoishinta: 27,22 €

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Normaali hinta: 45,37 €

Erikoishinta: 27,22 €


McDavid Painijan Polvisuoja (410R)

McDavid Wrestler's Knee Pad features a contoured 4-way stretch neoprene sleeve with a Sorbothane® viscoelastic insert to protect against scrapes and impacts. The 11' sleeve offers firm compression and soft tissue support.

Very popular in wrestling but ideal for all contact sports. Nylon facing on both sides of the 1/8' sleeve (heavy duty nylon on outer side for durability). Seamless behind the knee for improved comfort.

Reversible colors. Fits right or left knee.


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Valmistaja McDavid
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McDavid Painijan polvisuoja (410R)

  • Hinta: 27,22 € - Varastossa
  • Brand: McDavid